After decades of being one of the worlds fastest growing economies, China is considered by many as the economic success story of the past 30 years. In more recent times, China has experienced a slowdown in economic growth and has subsequently entered a new phase of maturity where annual GDP growth has slumped below double digits.

As the country shifts from being the worlds factory to the largest consumption engine in the world, Chinas $10 trillion economy is reshaping our global economy more than ever before. Rising cross-border investments, vertical integration, popularity of e-commerce, smartphone use and a millennial population of over 300 million motivated consumers are all critical factors that will shape the way foreign businesses operate here.

The sheer pace of development has demanded a transition in the economy, legal and regulatory environments on an unprecedented scale and time frame. As a result, there remain grey areas between the mass of contradictory information, practical realities and rules of law and enforcement. This is exactly where Redfern Associates are able to guide and assist.

Being aware of these trends is one thing, but engaging and operating a successful business from these is another. Unfamiliarity of Chinas evolving legal and regulatory environment poses a constant risk for foreign businesses operating here and there are many grey areas between the masses of contradictory information, practical realities and rules of law and enforcement. RedFern Associates are able to help navigate and assist your business through this environment.

Uncertainty is the major barrier for entry into the China market. RedFerns team of experienced market researchers, corporate advisors and financial service consultants have accumulated decades of practical experience that can minimize your risks and guide your business towards a successful China strategy.