What are the whats, whens and hows for your business and the specific regulatory environment it faces in China. What taxes and licenses will apply? What exclusions, restrictions or opportunities exist and in which locations within China? What is valid in one industry or geographical location is quite likely less valid in another. Making these technical and commercial choices need a solid basis of information, and an ability to address specific questions.

RedFern Associates provides access to decades of accumulated practical knowledge and networks. We offer an initial consultation to learn your plans and goals. Whether setting up in China, overcoming a problem or seeking operational improvement, asking the right questions and understanding your environment is the only way to build a successful strategy.


Following thorough analysis, we'll tailor a legal, taxation and business strategy to suit your needs in a pragmatic manner. We offer a multi-dimensional service in this, which contemplates your wider corporate and operational considerations as well as sound technicalities both on and offshore.

RedFern Associates offers the professional perspective and the ability to manage, execute or co-ordinate a multi-dimensional approach and an acquisition pipeline. Including due diligence, research, tangible & intangible valuations, negotiation, publicly listed and the big picture considerations. We work with leading finance, legal and accounting firms to synchronize and manage larger deals or execute to scale ourselves.


In an era of Sarbaines-Oxley, and an increasingly complex market along with conflict of interest in a land of fast changing regulations and resource constraint, no service providers can reasonably promote themselves to being everything to everyone. The speed of change in China, as well as diverse regulation requires specialist knowledge in several important areas, followed with an appropriate plan for financing and execution. RedFern Associates can support this effectively, reporting back along your approved lines.

Interestingly, in recent time the most direct route to establishing a China presence is to buy an existing business, its assets, distribution and/or its valuable human resource. We work on the ground to access and utilise the various specialist assistance required for investment and implementation of any size strategy.